Your Café

This page is for anyone with a venue who is interested in a spot of Coffee and Turntables.

What we do
We organise day-time all vinyl DJ residencies in cafés around Liverpool. Cool soulful tunes and great vibes is our aim.

What we bring
First and foremost we bring great hand-picked music and a provide the perfect backdrop for your customers to enjoy what you serve best: tasty food and delicious drinks. This isn’t Friday night in a club (no ‘unce unce unce’), this is daytime in your café and we wanna make it feel fun but not in your face.

We bring all the gear and have a compact set up for almost any sized café. A bit like a goldfish we will grow to whatever size you put us in and we won’t get in your way.

We also bring people. Our roll call of eateries often note how busy they are when we are on and they even sell out of popular items. You already have a loyal clientèle, we just want to introduce new people to your place and show it off.

When we do it
The times vary but it’s usually in the ball-park of late morning to early-mid afternoon. Saturday lunchtime is when most places want us.

What else you get
We spend the week promoting the fact that we will be at your place, on social media and giving you in-store posters and flyers if you want them. Whether doing a month-long residency or a one off, we usually add a guest DJ to the bill. They do a vinyl set and tell the world they are gonna do it. We try to get a range of ages and genders, relative newbies and some low-key local heroes.

We also have a bunch of C&T lovers who follow us from place to place. They often bring their friends and so do we – we’ve had up to twenty plus people we know show up at  events in the past. Yeah, that’s nothing for a banging bar at the weekend perhaps, but it’s usually a fair bit extra for a café on a Saturday afternoon. We take pics and hashtag the heck out of your place. Previous venues have told us how they get customers sharing Instagram stories about how cool it is having records playing while they have lunch.

So great vibes, more customers and buzzing social media… sounds pricey
We’re an absolute steal mate. The best bargain in town.
If you are a busy bar and want evening weekend work, we need to talk a bit more. But for our funky and fun Coffee and Turntables event in your café we are the sale of the century. Get in touch and see what we say!