The music policy at Coffee and Turntables is fairly broad. We want sunny good-time tunes to put a smile on people’s faces as they enjoy their weekend. We play lots of soul, funk, old-skool R&B 60s, 70s, Brazilian music, with dashes of electronica, 90s, and anything groovy.

Besides regulars Ivan and Pete, most of our events have at least one guest DJ, carefully selected for variety and the top tunes they will bring. It may be hip-hop, jazz, disco, movie themes, country, reggae, indie or outright pop!

Remember we play all our tunes from vinyl records – we’re not the digital dukebox of your phone, but we think we have impeccable taste 😉 The music we play is hand-picked from our record collections and intended to bring good vibes to each café and liven up your lunchtime!

To get you in the mood, here’s a little sample of the sort of stuff we play.

(We’ll post a YouTube version soon)