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Liverpool DJs for hire

Coffee and Turntables play in all kinds of places, big or small. Our aim is to liven up your lunchtime / event / night!

If you are interested in booking us to play your cafe or eatery, please read the information below or drop us a line to find our how we can help.

What we offer

  • We play vinyl records and bring good vibes to your place.
  • We bring our own gear and, like a goldfish, we adapt to the size of the space you give us. We just need a table and a socket!
  • We promote our appearance for up to four weeks* before the event, showcasing your place and the fab food and drink you offer.
  • We take photos and videos to let everyone know how cool it was 😉.
  • We give you an exclusive one-hour bespoke playlist you can use after we’ve gone. (The playlist is digital, we’re not giving you our records!)

*Depending on the event, booking times etc, but in short we’ll promote the event.

Our rates – 2023

Our rates vary depending on the nature of the event and availability, but we think we are a bargain. To give you an idea here are our 2023 daytime prices*.

  • Liverpool: £40 per hour (min. 2 hours) + food & drinks.
  • Manchester: £50per hour (min. 3 hours) + food & drinks.

For evening rates please get in touch.

*Prices are subject to change and can vary depending on the specifications of the event. If in doubt please ask us, we’re super friendly!

Get in touch

You can contact us on, via Instagram or Facebook, or using the form below.

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