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Coffee and Turntables Journey To Mars: a Visual Playlist (for NASA’s Perseverance Landing, 2021)

This is our little homage to NASA’s Perseverance rover, which successfully landed on Mars in February 2021. A remarkable feat for science, and another rather small step in proving that the Earth is not flat. (wink, wink).

With the widening of humankind’s horizons, one thing is certain: wherever we go, no matter how far, we’ll need some great music and coffee! So, we’re scouting for new Coffee and Turntables venues and Mars seem a promising gig, one day!

Meanwhile, we decided to celebrate the landing with a little “visual playlist” – songs that we pierced together around a theme, almost as to tell a little story, with the aid of visuals. We are pleased to give you… our journey to Mars!


Scientists send a satellite into space, and it makes a boy dream of visiting other planets. After all, space is the place. He wants to go to Mars. He grows up and gets out there, outa space… and finally reach Mars. But, he can’t leave it… he gets stuck in that planet.


1- The Tornados, ‘Telstar’

2- Sun Ra & His Arkestra, ‘Space Is The Place’

3- The Flaming Lips, ‘Take Meta Mars’

4- Billy Preston, ‘Outa Space’

5- Stereolab, ‘Prisoner of Mars’


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